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Going to the bathroom abroad can be a cultural minefield.

How do you avoid peeing all over yourself while hovering over a hole in the floor? Why is there never any toilet roll? And what exactly are you supposed to do with that odd hose-gun on the wall? The first time you encounter any of these things is likely to be your most awkward travel experience, if you’re not prepared for it.

Here at Go Go Guano, our mission is to set you up for awesome, worry-free travel!  We answer all your awkward questions about bathroom etiquette abroad. You know, the things nobody normally asks. We also share our top toilet tricks to help you go with confidence around the world, and we give you an insight into our personal adventures of trial and error. So whether you’re in a bustling metropolis, a rural village, or perched on a sand dune whilst a camel stares you down, we’ve got toileting advice for you!

Start your journey by either jumping into our Practical Advice on how to navigate the various toilets you’ll encounter while travelling, or read about some of our silly toilet-related Adventures!

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Go Go Guano - Toilet Adventures


March 10th: New country guide is here, all about road-tripping in Iceland, and how to pee in the middle of nowhere!

Feb 15th: We have another new toilet adventure to share! We sent guest blogger Rachel Bicker on a quest to pee into a bag in the Scottish Highlands.

Jan 30th: New toilet adventure is up! Rosie’s written about her biggest ever travel freakout, while camping in Tanzania. Go check it out for a new perspective on “clean”.

Jan 16th: Rosie was interviewed on Jason Moore’s excellent “Zero to Travel” podcast!
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Jan 9th: New country guide is up, detailing everything you need to know about using the toilets in Myanmar!